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Friday, March 24, 2017

FBBucks is definitely a scam

Any of these below look familiar?

So it'll start by you replying to this craigslist ad similar to this one. When they finally decided to reply. The person or bot who replies will ask you to click an FBBucks link and then ask you to set up a Facebook Blog Page on your personal facebook page asking you to share 3 links, plus 3-4 photos with a few likes from friends. Once you've accomplished that and you send them your email and phone number...

You'll start to receive some texts from a random phone number. They'll ask you if you're near your computer and ready to start. Once you text them back and say you're ready. They'll ask you to install Teamviewer for free. They will ask for remote access to your Facebook because they'll want you to have your Facebook page open.

Once you've given them your TeamViewer ID and password they'll connect to your computer remotely and they'll take a few minutes. The person who was texting his name was Logan. The person who took over the computer was under the name Sarah. They'll open another page on the page and make advertisements using your profile and a credit card they input in there that seems to check out without any issues.

Once she's done making the ads and the page by adding pictures this person will remove you from being an admin to the page or your business profile.

So after all this was said and done. I of course went back and got access back to my Facebook business profile and deleted everything. They will immediately notice and start texting you and asking if you deleted or removed anything.

The scam is this: It does not appear to be a scam at first because you haven't shared with them any financial information. Here's how it works. They made an ad that will cost $5 for four days, by taking you off the admin page they have control over making more advertisements by making themselves a partner, and while they're showing its advertisements under your name it actually changes to theirs. They're able to freely make more ads but since you're the partner this will accumulate over time.

They stop paying you. They claim they're going to pay you $50 upfront with your PayPal email. Then the other $50 at the end of the month. But they'll beat around the bush and not pay up. And rack up charges in $700 in advertising according to a woman on Reddit that is what happened to her.

Two other men are having a lawsuit against these guys. But if you read the fine print there is really not much you can do about it. Because you gave them permission in the first place and you were the partner of the advertising page made under your profile. You have to be careful about it.

All the testimonials on their page is fake as well. ANYONE can including themselves can go and type up fluffy reviews on their company. Never judge a book by its cover.

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