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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Paranormal Diaries 7

It seems it has been a while since any paranormal activity has occurred. I've avoided inviting it in, in any sort of way into my room and just letting it come as it may. It seemed to have dwindled and I hear knockings every now and then. Even on my sleep medication i'm able to wake up me and it'll be like close to midnight or 0300 am. I just choose to get up use the bathroom and pass back out. I didn't think even after taking my pill, I would still wake me up. I usually just blame outside noises for waking me up. But right when being woken it is very quiet so i'm not sure what to think. I let it go and sum it up to logical explanations as usual. It will be  awhile before I choose to write about anything paranormal. I only like to write about something that has actually happened. I guess its good news that its quiet.

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