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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Dream Chronicles Day 1

The vivid dream I had last night I can remember in great detail. I was in this weird place. It seemed like the world was made up. The world seemed like half of it was pure farmland and I was able to jump and move places very fast. The second half of this world which I could see from a distance seemed like it was black and white. And at the top of the farmland side of the world, there was this prison I was meant to visit. Like someone was expecting me to go see them. What was also weird was that in the back of my mind this person I was suppose to visit was talking to me through their mind and sending me messages. When I finally went to go visit this person, the prison seemed like such a dark place of course very cliche like you would imagine or seem to expect. Though when I showed up to see this person. I already knew they were there to serve 7-8  years being caught doing drugs on top of other charges. For some reason I felt this person seemed innocent to be serving that many years. I was able to let them escape and be free. We ended up down at the bottom where the farmland world is. And I seemed set on this journey to go somewhere. We kept bumping into nomadic travelers. One pointed me back in the right direction to go back into this farmland half and to continue traveling for a long ways in that direction. I then woke up.

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