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Friday, November 4, 2016

The Story

The Story

Ever since I was a young child
I remember being happy and wild
I loved being outside and smelling the fresh air
There's nothing in the world I wouldn't have a care
I felt free and not tied to any worries
Going outside felt like many journeys
Wishing those days could be relived
That having a wish come true would be but a gift
Until I begin to remember the terrifying memories
Some not all would remain mysteries
For they haunt me in dreams telling me tragedies
I wasn't sure what was real or just fantasies
What I think I don't want to recollect
My mind attempts to overprotect 
It makes me feel lost and out of control
Hurts my heart as a whole
Trying to piece it back together
Make me feel all better
What will never be the same 
As I try to keep in order and sane
Who would know what this pain and how it feels
Every single day and it creeps on me and steals
I try to push away the monster that appears
As it come closer and whispers in my ears
Telling me cruel and dreadful details
Trapped in my dream knowing what entails
Unable to wake forever asleep

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