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Friday, November 4, 2016



I missed being able to write cause I was able to create stories and just express myself creatively how I want to. This one doesn't feel complete yet. Not sure how I want to finish it I was in a particular mood.

So, tonight I'm celebrating going to get crazy
I might not remember all the fun so hazy
This my birthday weekend I do what I please
Ain't nobody going to have me or be my squeeze
Don't go believing that I'll be chasing you
Cause I won't be with you acting like a fool
I'm happy where I'm at and who I am
There is no stopping me because I know I can
Dressed up all fancy and all dolled up
Walking everywhere getting cat called by scrubs
These days is not that surprising
Guys think I'm single and advertising
The fuckboys and girls that get with every person
Some deny their ways and hide their perversion 

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