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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Verdict

The Verdict

It's always a long time between my writing
There's something happening all the fighting
I don't care what you think or what you say
Trying to make it through every single day 
my business isn't your business
I don't know what your problem is that sickness
You claim to be the same but I seen your real face
I know all about and how you do your ways
I don't fall for those games anymore it's old
That's old me I can no longer be controlled 
I want you far away from me and never hear you
I hope who you're with will see you through
I won't be around I don't like to be played
I hear all of you saying I should've stayed
It is not what I see that is what you see in your eyes
I was able to think and know all your lies
I don't care what people say I know the judgement
I've been there before use to all the adjustment
The jury laid down their verdict many times
They've heard it all and thought about the crimes
The judge decided for me what my judgment is
That what you've done to me is to be dismissed
This could keep going on and on forever
But whatever I do I know I can't surrender 

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