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Friday, October 14, 2016


When are you going to stop living your life that way
Is it always going to be the same everyday?
No matter how much praying I do
You are able never able to come through

Every time I come see you, it's always the same
A shame that the game never changes its name
I try to help you, but you never seem to listen
You stay the same, stuck in your prison 

We can never stay on friendly terms
All theses ups and downs and turns
You got me stuck on your rollercoaster
I can never get off this ride, it's never over

And now we haven't talked in a while
It is not like you to never call, not your style
I am living my own life all grown
At work can never take a break or go home

I wanted my Dad to be proud of me
Of what I have done and what I came to be
I wish you could feel the same way about it
But you always see the bad of all I ever did

I can never make you better how you were before
It is hard for me to always walk through that door 
Any effort I do seems to be in vain
you never get it through your brain

I have stopped caring and trying for you
It is like everything is a lie and you knew 
All I ever believed in was all fake
Its time for a break no more mistakes

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