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Monday, October 10, 2016

Paranormal Diaries 6

I did something odd when I was sleep walking and it wasn't the first time I did it. I don't know if it's the particular type of alcohol that affects my sleep cycle this much. My niece found me facing the wall and I had my eyes closed and I was tapping the wall with both my hands. She would then wake me up and direct me back to bed. That was the first time. I had apparently wondered out into the hallway. The bedroom door must've been open.

The second time I got up in the bedroom. The door was closed this time. I had woken up my niece by accidentally stepping on her and I again faced the wall and begin pushing her shelf against the wall constantly like I was the first time I slept walk. I would use my entire hand and just hit the wall alternating between hands. My niece wasn't afraid of me at all. Every time she would wake me up I would just sigh heavily for some reason. Not sure what to make of the situation. Maybe my 8 year old niece has a wild imagination. It's the first time I'm hearing about my sleep walking adventures.

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