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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Paranormal Diaries 5

I've used my ghost box two days ago when I finally got around to buying triple A batteries for the ghost box cause apparently when I leave the batteries in there it uses them up.

I turned it on and I had my headphones in. I said hello and instantly got a reply back with a soft hearted whisper almost and whoever it was said "hello" back.  Then I waited a moment for the radio to sweep through the loud stations until it went back to the quiet frequencies. And I would get replies back every time I asked a question within 5 seconds of me asking it.

I was very surprised because normally I don't ever get responses so quickly and you could tell that particular piece of audio didn't correspond with any of the radio stations. It didn't match the pitch in the voices that were being heard.

Eventually after ten minutes I turned off the ghost box and went to bed. Several hours later around 0300 in the morning to be exact I woke up. And I passed out immediately and I woke up 18 minutes later and I looked around and felt a little bit of panic for some odd reason. I'm a bit superstitious when I wake up around that time and its not a good feeling. I simply said a protection prayer and went back to bed.

It can be just as dangerous using a "ghost box." Sometimes not so friendly energies come across instead of the nice ones. And I believe I may of bumped into one that night. I didn't feel any negative energy around me at the time. It can be very deceiving.

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