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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Paranormal Diaries Day 4

Its been very quiet again lately. Nothing much has happened. There was an earthquake this morning with an intensity of III. It woke me up and I laid there and waited it until it was over. I've been in one before in Oklahoma. It just seems like an odd thing to me. The only thing that concerned me was how hard the shaking was going to get and if I needed to get up and catch my computer. So maybe I was feeling tiny shakes before this big one. I thought I was crazy but the shaking definitely had a scientific explanation to it. I found out where the old crematorium is on post. Its locked down and a bit difficult to get to without the living residents outside the area noticing you entering the dirt road. And people go there to drink anyway as there were beer bottles laying around the ground. I wonder why they don't just knock down the building. I haven't decided to go ghost hunting yet. I might when I go to Wisconsin soon. They probably have haunted places up there. We will see.

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