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Monday, July 18, 2016

Paranormal Diaries Introduction

I thought I'd start a diary to keep track of my ongoing paranormal experiences it's difficult to catch the activity on camera as it happens. I debated about recording on the weekends while I sleep. Thought it would be interesting to see what I end up recording.

So far I've been trying to debunk the ouija board. I honestly believed that it wasn't real and nothing could from it. I decided to buy another one. Yes to a lot of you it's dangerous and not a good idea. I don't take anything with a grain of salt. I know how dangerous demons can be. 

I had started writing a book about my life as private stories to my best friend. He always thought I had really good stories and was astounded by how much has happened in my life in such short amount of time.

I've always dealt with the paranormal as a young child. It wasn't to say I would go and try and find a logical explanation for it because I do everytime something happens until I can no longer find a plausible explanation for what occurred. 

I get told from different psychics that what I dealt with in my childhood home was just a lonely spirit. Other psychics have said it was a very negative male spirit. It still doesn't negate the fact that a family member had dabbled with the occult in the house played the spirit board and buried it and has done witchcraft. Some spells were chanted towards me in my presence. I didn't know what came of it. 

I was raised Catholic as my religious upbringing in memory of my grandmother. She was very devout. I even have the certificates of my first communion and baptism. I never got to do my confirmation and didn't memorize the creed and various other prayers. I've stopped going to church ever since my father died. I go here and there since then. Now that my job sometimes has me working on Sunday's. I usually don't go. I've been wanting to speak to a catholic priest about doing my confession. Problem is I don't feel I could trust one. 

A catholic priest back at home had molested a little girl right around the time I was suppose to go for confirmation. I sometimes I feel guilty for not going in feeling that I could've saved her from the pain of it since I have gone through it personally myself beforehand. And since then I have lost my faith in the church but I pray to god almost everyday. I keep a rosary in my room.

The activity that has been occurring in my room so far. I had my oil painting fall off the wall. It was on hooks glued to the wall. Maybe the glue gave out but the paint was ripped off the wall along with the hook. And it has been hanging for several months at least without any issues. The painting itself weights about 10 pounds or less and it is a pretty good size so I had use four hooks to even out the pressure and one night and this seems to be a common recurring theme it happens around midnight. I woke up to the painting falling on my face. I was so tired and not paying attention to what had just happened. I was just very aggravated that I got woken up and I ended up storing the painting I between the wall and the bed where it hung. In the morning when I woke up this was on a Saturday morning I then looked and realized that my painting had falling down. What was odd was that one hook was still glued to the wall.

The next thing that happened was my shoes falling out the hanging shoe rack off my closet door. I don't really count this one being as anything worthy of it being important the pair of shoes were on the bottom row and for all I know they could've been already falling out because maybe I didn't tuck them in all way.

My closet has its own light switch right outside the door. I made sure to turn it off before going to bed. And I was suddenly woken up again and I looked at my phone to check the time it was 0314. And it immediately caught my attention that the light had somehow turned back on because I had the light switch in the down position and it was upside. That one I couldn't explain.

And the weekend before this last one I was drinking tequila rose. I left the bottle on my counter and I know I didn't set it nowhere near the edge in fear that it would fall and break and spill the bottle I just bought that night. Well I was going to bed and I was facing towards the kitchen area and I was about to close my eyes and suddenly the bottle fell off the counter and hit the floor very loudly. 

It definitely startled me. I wasn't sure what caused it. I felt absolute panic and immediately texted my boyfriend trying to figure out why it fell. Since it was taken out of the freezer maybe it slipped from the water sweating off of it who knows. I wish I could've caught it on my full spectrum camera. This was at 0049 hours. Now I hear various knockings and taps on the wall. I can't be sure if it's the people that live above me I can tell when its him sometimes because I can hear the footsteps when he's walking around. Other than that its hard to differentiate where the knockings come from.

But for now I will dismiss everything that has happened until I'm able to record and capture the activity itself when it occurs.

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