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Monday, November 23, 2015

Anecdote for D.D. Chapter 1 Page 2

It was a very scary night for me. I couldn't understand how she physically went through the fence and how also she was floating across the yard towards the window not walking. It didn't make sense to me at all. But her face it was terrifying to look at. She seemed just as afraid as I was of her. If anything it was a look of pain and sadness to be exact. The next memory was being in a pool and my older sister and her friend were holding me and my younger sister. They were jumping up in down in the water while holding us. I remember swallowing and breathing in water and I could hear my mother realizing what was going on and I could remember her reaction before having another blackout. After this blackout I remember being in California. I was in this house. I remember seeing a black haired teenager inviting me into his room. And I blacked out again. And I come to once more I remember I made a friend we were on the swings and she kept talking to me. I don't remember what she said as it didn't make sense. I was outside for a very longtime because it got dark and my mother was looking for me. Another day came and we were at these apartments and we went to the pool my sisters and I. My younger sister was still learning how to swim. There were these very hyper boys running around and I remember my sister standing on the edge of the pool and one of the little boys knocked her over and she was drowning and I remember seeing her eyelids open and close on their own from the water. After this I remember going to a party or so I thought any type of get togethers where I seen people gathered I use to enjoy being at alot. It was actually after an earthquake and people were helping each other. It must've been a bad one that everyone got together making sure they were ok. This could've been after seeing Mt St Helen but I'm not sure. Another tidbit of a memory was remembering seeing my mother chase a thief down the road who stole our milk jars right after they were delivered and she was very angry from look on her face. Then after this I skip right to living in Kansas and going to preschool. Its where I learned to ride a bike and knew of my love for cats. I love dogs too but for some reason I liked cats more. I befriended a pixie bob named Alvar. He always followed me home from school and loved being at our house and playing with me. He was half bob cat and half house cat. This is what he looked like:

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