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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Anecdote for D.D. Volume 1 Chapter 1 Page 1

I don't even know where to begin. But I will say I have many first memories that I can remember. I can't explain how I come to remember them. I have been told I have photographic memory and that it isn't possible to remember things when you're a young child. But I beg to differ. I seem to remember most details that people generally can't recall from years back. Memories come to me like they have happened yesterday. How everything looked, what the people were doing, what exactly the words they said to me, how I was feeling at that present moment. Just even the most minute details. The one that calls out to me the most is being on a table. I felt helpless. There was a light above me a very bright light that made it difficult to distinguish what was going on. Almost as if I was out of it but I was conscious of my surroundings. I can hear everything and I felt weird these weird feelings that not even a child should be fathoming at such a young age. I felt penetration. I don't know how else to describe it. I remember trying to look around I could make out a green tiled wall and male voices speaking in the background mumbling because I couldn't make out what they said or I just don't remember it but its something. It also felt very cold. Like how you touch a steel metal and its cold touch against your skin. I felt that along my back. Just a very cold feeling like laying on a metal table. I have no idea what is happening to me. I just know it was like a dream almost or like coming back from a coma. Moments later I came out of this dream like state. With a few blackouts inbetween. These memories I tried to piece them together in chronological order as much as possible. I can't recall in which order they happened in first. I try to see myself in those memories and make out how old I was and sometimes it comes back to me. And it seemed to me like I was in Washington. This was my next memory. I remember being able to see Mt St Helen from the bay window. This house I was living in it was very cold. I remember being cold and not being able to sleep. I could see the volcano from a very far distance but you could make out what it was. I don't exactly know which town we lived in. But it was near the volcano. I do recall a tidbit of a memory when people were outside staring at the volcano they could see smoke coming out of it. But back to the living room I was it was dark outside presumably night time as I was being tucked into bed. This particular memory of being in Washington is my very first paranormal experience in my life now that I think about it. As my mother tucked me into bed she went next door. She turned off the lights and there I was alone. This room felt big enough that it should've been a living room considering the size of the window. But its been converted into a bedroom seeing as I was going to sleep there on a very big bed. I remember seeing myself as a small person very small. Like 1 or 2 years old. The bed was like a queen size. I felt so frightened at the time because I was sleeping by myself on this queen size bed. I didn't feel secure especially with the big open window next to the bed and the moonlight was shining in. I could see the night getting darker as it came. Then after a while it got quiet next door. My parents have progressed into their slumber. I then began to hear a wailing sound. A woman shrieking. She was at the wooden fence at the end of the yard. I could see her peering over the fence looking at me and noticing that I noticed her. Her wailing became louder since she noticed me staring in horror. I didn't know what to do. She then went through the fence and that scared me even more. I couldn't understand how she walked through the fence. She was pale white and transparent. I could see the fence behind her. She seemed like she was floating towards my window and her wailing became louder. I started to cry out loud and I heard my mother speak to my father in spanish. She had told him that I was simply teething. My mother then got up and creaked open the door to tell me to quiet down. I was hiding underneath the blankets by that time. Afterwards she just went back to bed.

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