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Sunday, October 5, 2014

League of Legends Won't Open Mac

Simply open system preferences. Go to security and privacy. At the bottom click the lock to unlock it to make changes. Under Allow Apps downloaded from, you then click anywhere and thats it you're done. You should now be able to open league of legends.


Here is a new solution:

1. Download the original .dmg file
2. Install LOL in Applications, make sure you "Keep Both"
3. Open two finder windows side by side
4. In one finder window, right click your original LOL app and click show contents. In your other finder window, right click your NEW LOL app (Which should be named League of Legends 2) and click show contents.
5. In both windows go to Contents -> LOL -> RADS
6. Move the projects folder from the old LOL to the new LOL.

7. Start up your new LOL and you should only have to download a couple new files (maybe 3-5 minute download) to get you started up again.

Delete the old LOL and rename the new without the 2 if desired.

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