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Friday, December 20, 2013

Ghost Box

I decided to buy my next piece of hunting equipment. A ghost box. I've always been wanting one and I thought this is way better than an EVP and a ouija board. But to my avail I had no such luck thus far. But when I do turn on the ghost box I also run the ghost radar connect app from my phone and I get some crazy activity compared to when I'm just using the radar app by itself. The radar shows some strong activity with red dots and the Vox area, the lines jump all the way down and up. But I have it set to advanced settings where its all 10.0 and one of them the signal timeout I believe is set to 1.0. And no speaking during warmup.

This right here below is the P-SB7 used famously by the hunters from Ghost Adventures.

It only does an FM sweep. I wish it had an AM sweep but I would probably have to break this open and modify it to do just that. Reason being well too many radio stations on FM and their stations are so loud its hard to distinguish between a spirit speaking and the radio voices. But from reading the description and the instructions left from my seller ghosts can make it to where all background noise is quiet and you can clearly hear them. But I never had that happen to me yet. I will say though the first couple nights in using this and when I begun to end my sessions I do the routine thing where I tell the spirits or entities to go back through the box and they're not allowed to be here. Unfortunately they don't listen all the time.

One of them had told me through the radar app they "won't". And I've lost my sleep because they would be up all hours of the night just making loud tapping noises all night. Even I had a white flash when my eyes were closed. I read before that isn't a good thing but I stopped using the ghost box for a week afterwards to let things cool down. And the nightly happenings have rescinded.

But now living on Fort Riley I do wish to have a ghostly hunt happen. It's very haunted here. Especially at the veterinarian's building. Doors open and close on their own stuff gets moved around that sort of thing.  The department of the army civilians that are employed there never work in that building on their own during the evening hours. It freaks them out.

 I had once myself near Ogden gate at old Major Custer's house I've seen a soldier in old blue class a's with the roman looking hat sitting on a white horse running across in front of the ruins of Major Custer's house. I never did see that horse rider again but to confirm my sighting I also heard other people purportedly see the same thing I did.

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