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Saturday, December 7, 2013

FedEx Sucks

I request for overnight shipping and I'm not getting my package until Monday during a time I won't be home cause I'm working they want me to pay a $5 fee to schedule the delivery until a later time. I then requested to be held at a facility because I don't want to pay 5 bucks for a different time. I call the facility in Manhattan in the hopes that it would be there. And the clerk over the phone was very rude and didn't understand me and didn't let me explain and spoke over me. She didn't even bother to check if it was at that specific facility and totally brushed me off over the phone. Sarah the rude clerk answered from this facility:

1329 Anderson Ave
Manhattan, KS
(785) 537-7340

In my opinion Sarah shouldn't work there. She was rude and instead of helping me (the customer) she didn't even try to resolve my problem or answer my question. She was very reluctant to hang me up over the phone too. I paid $23 for shipping. What a waste. FedEx you suck!

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