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Saturday, December 7, 2013

After Pearl Harbor: Rare photos from the American home front

The exposed wreckage of the battleship USS Arizona in 1942; today, most of the ship lies beneath the waves at Pearl Harbor.

A previously unpublished photo depicts training with gas masks in Hawaii, early 1942.

Post-Pearl Harbor training and patrol in Hawaii, early 1942.

As the Japanese navy grew during the '30s, ships were transferred from Brooklyn to the Pacific to deal with the potential threat, which created more jobs in shipbuilding. Shown here is a worker on break at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

An early naval craft on display at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, called the Intelligent Whale. Construction began on this hand-cranked submarine during the Civil War; it was acquired by the Navy, but the project was ultimately abandoned.

An American destroyer's crew shows its spirit, early 1942.

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