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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Daniel Chong, forgotten in DEA cell, settles suit for $4.1 million

Outrageous! First of all the poor kid wasn't even a target of the Sting and after being told he was not under arrest got detained for 4 days without contact, food, or water. Now the tax payers have to pay his well deserved settlement for a government entity that is a waste of money in its own right. How come multiple people have not been fired or even disciplined for this offense? It's long past time to change the drug policy, the war on drugs has been a complete and total failure. It is beyond mind boggling that despite history repeating itself (prohibition failed miserably) the powers that be do not see that despite their futile efforts anyone, teenagers included, can pretty easily obtain any matter of drugs. Instead of enforcement this money could so much be better spent on a policy of treatment and education. Shame of the DEA for this absurdity, what a farce and sham of an agency that is supposed to be protecting citizens.

Mr. Chong deserves every penny of the $4.1 million. No toilet, no food, no water. In a windowless 5x10 foot holding cell for 5 days. It's absolutely gross negligence on the part of the DEA and it's staff. NO excuses what so ever for this incident to occur. The individuals involved should be terminated. What they did was illegal. I think the kid deserves more, 5 days without water is enough to kill you. But I'm sure those involved wont gets so much as shame on you. And as we have seen from many of different agency scandals lately, they will probably get promoted.

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