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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Stolen iPod Touch

So today while doing laundry I managed to get my ipod stolen from me. Luckily I used the find my iphone app put it in lost mode and locked it problem is I gave them my cellphone number so that they can call me and give it back but it isn't that easy. As soon as it made a sound and locked itself it went offline immediately and I've been waiting for over 30 minutes and I finally I got the phone call I was waiting for at 4:50. I met them at the local shoppette and got it back. That was quite an adventure. Needless to say the map from the application that marked the location wasn't all that accurate. Apple needs to somehow integrate google maps in that map because the street it sent me too didn't even exist. And for those of you wanting to find your stolen iPod or iPhone the only way you can find yours is if you have your apple ID registered to iCloud and you have the find my iPhone option turned on in the settings.

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