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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Polyvore Muse

Oh where has my Polyvore muse gone too? I want to make a set but I get sidetracked easily while I'm looking for an outfit to put together. I got the idea started and what I want incorporated on it. I decided to look at the contests they have up and its for Scorpios. The actress I liked that they had listed was Rachel McAdams. I didn't know she was a Scorpio low and behold. Its hard to find an outfit that would be worth being inspired from. She wore dresses and was hardly ever caught out walking with a "street outfit." And if she was like she has been lately it is with her now boyfriend Michael Sheen, werewolf in the movie Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. That is the movie I first know him from. He hasn't been doing to well either. She didn't bother to dress up. So I was thinking of using one of her looks from the red carpet but its so bland. Just a plain ole dress on a set. Usually sets are customarily made with an entire outfit complete with accessories and matching backdrops. But they didn't give a wide range of choices neither. The other ones look taken up the most. I can scroll the pages of sets that have been entered and it all looks the same. I like to be different and stick out. I don't sit there and try to mimic an outfit piece by piece. One of Jessica Alba's dresses was a geometric looking one. It was made with very specific colors. They sell the same dress but her colors were custom. Eventually I hope I can have the energy and focus to finish through with the next one before the contest is over.

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