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Monday, October 8, 2012

Dr. Laura: Women share blame for cheating men

Dr. Laura Schlessinger has never been one to shrink from controversy, and she leaped headlong into one on Monday when she said that if a husband cheats, his wife may share some of the blame.
“When the wife does not focus in on the needs and the feelings, sexually, personally, to make him feel like a man, to make him feel like a success, to make him feel like her hero, he’s very susceptible to the charm of some other woman making him feel what he needs,” the popular psychologist and radio personality said. 

More commonly known as just “Dr. Laura,” Schlessinger made the remarks while participating in one of several panel discussions on TODAY dealing with the breaking news that New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer had been connected to a high-priced prostitution ring.
 “I take offense to Dr. Laura’s response about women being the reason men cheat on their wives, as I am trying to help my sister get through a very difficult time with her own husband right now,” wrote a viewer in Philadelphia. “I can tell you for a fact that she has done everything a wife could possibly do to make her husband feel as though he is the only man walking this earth, but instead of him reacting to this in a positive way he goes out and cheats on her … I guess this is her fault for not bowing down and kissing his feet when they BOTH get home from work!” 

 I completely disagree with Dr. Laura. Since I have gone through such an experience. A husband is not getting what he needs at home, he has a responsibility to discuss and communicate this to his wife. If that doesn't work there is counseling. Not getting your way is not an excuse to break a wedding vow. Then at the end she decided to correct herself and say there are exceptions where it doesn't matter what a wife does. It sounds absurd. It's just like blaming a rape victim. And we see this all too often. Trying to decide who’s at fault is beside the point. It’s not about the blame game. It’s about looking at what’s going on in this marriage that may have been ripe for this to happen. But the person who cheats is doing it for a very selfish reason. It’s a very selfish act. And at least if they plan on having an affair they should have the decency to at least break if off.

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