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Monday, September 10, 2012


I’ve been holding back my words
Wanting to let them go even more
But I know better than to say so
Things would go back to what they were

I close my eyes and dream what it could be like
All the things you said you’re just full of lies
Is that how you prefer to be liked?
Taking me in your way of life

How could you promise me what you couldn’t keep?
After all what you did
As I fight you for my keys
Taking them out of my hand as I fall fast asleep

I pretend to believe it isn’t happening before my eyes
My heart turning as cold like ice
You can’t seem to realize all your denials
Wising up to your false tries

Keeping me a prisoner in my own emotions
Choosing to hold in my words unspoken
The walls behind me eroding
Flash of a camera a memory frozen

Not looking back walking away
­I hear your words you wanting me to stay
Remembering how dark were my days
When I use to sleep now wide awake

I finally take my turn to speak
To try to find the words I seek
Losing the clenched hold of feeling weak
Seeing your tears come out as you weep

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