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Monday, September 24, 2012

Renaming any folder produces "Could Not Find this Item"

Renaming any folder produces "Could not find this item". Clicking "Try Again" always works. Why?

This is not the same issue as similar postings that have to do inability to delete folders that contain zero byte files.
If I try to rename any folder in my system, I get "Could not find this item" with the choices "Try Again" and "Cancel". When I click "Try Again", it always succeeds. So - my system isn't crippled - but it is so totally annoying. I can even right-click on my desktop, and choose "New...  Folder" and type in a name, and I get "Could not find this item". The interesting thing is that the item's name does change even before I click "Try Again".
If I have a folder named "Folder1" and I rename it to "Folder2", I get the error that "Folder1" Could not be found - which is actually true, as it is already renamed to "Folder2".
Why is Windows 7 looking for the old folder name after renaming?

I finally got it.
I used the same solution for the similar issue in Windows Vista. Once i got to my company laptop, i exported this 2 registry keys.


Merged into my pc and voilĂ  !!
The 'shell' command also works again (ex: shell:personal brings up the account folder)
I uploaded the reg file and you can get it here
This is for Win7 x64. Use it at your own risk.

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