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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

GOP put GOP in a Bind over Romney Tax Claims

Republicans and their sources said they’re in a Catch 22 situation on how to reply to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s claims that Grand Old Party Presidential candidate Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years. They understand that they took Reid’s bait and that by responding to his claims against Romney to keep alive his issue of refusing to release his tax returns. Still, the Grand Old Party’s sources said they felt that they didn’t respond to such a serious charge from such a high ranking Democrat, it will make it look like Reid was right. Republican’s stepped up to undermine Reid’s allegations yesterday by saying Reid and other Democrats and their accusations are being fabricated by none other, you guessed it our lovely President Barack Obama and his campaign-specifically his adviser, David Axelrod. Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer noticed that Axelrod visited Senate Democrats for their weekly lunch last Tuesday. Later that afternoon, a Huffington Post story was published with Reid’s allegations about Romney not paying his taxes. Axelrod denied the allegation of having to do with him being the so-called source.  The Huffington Post reported that it interviewed Reid days before Axelrod’s visit, making any influence from him impossible. Republicans are trying to hit Democrats where it could hurt most: the president’s credibility. Mitt Romney’s the first presidential candidate since his dad ran not to release his income tax returns. He has released one income tax return, and that points toward the Bahamas, Switzerland, and a few other foreign countries. This whole controversy would end quickly if he released his income tax returns, like everybody else has done. Reid’s chief of staff, David Krone insisted Monday, that he knows who Harry’s source is—and that the source is credible. I mean Harry Reid is a genius. The only way this issue will die down is if Romney was to release his returns to disprove him. There’s obviously something in there. Romney’s too smart to evade taxes, but some form of manipulation hey may have avoided paying them for several years. I’d say keep the issues going. It’s one more issue of secrecy in regards to Romney, his ideas, plans and faith.

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