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Friday, July 27, 2012

Dear Luka Magnotta Fan girls and Lexa Mancini,

How do the fan girls know that no one in his life loved him or offered him any help? You are making very broad assumptions here. Very little is known about Luka’s personal life. We have any but a few blog entries about his closeted lover and his own words on the psych forums. Indeed he may have been abused, but that certainly has not been proven. Luka lies habitually and engages in attention seeking behavior, so unfortunately, we know nothing of his background (his own “testimony” means next to nothing). Given his track record, at this point, he is not a credible witness regarding anything- even his own background.
Do you believe the emails he sent to Salta chronicling his abuse at the hands of “Manny” (hey, wasn’t that Catherine Trammel’s dead boyfriend’s name in Basic Instinct? Hmmm…..)?? Basically, Luka was saying, “yeah I killed the kittens because a big bad abuser made me.” Doesn’t it sound familiar? I guess he learned a lot while studying the Karla Homolka case.
I was abused as a child. If I wanted to go and hurt people would you be able to love me and empathize with me? Or would you realize that I am an adult with FREE WILL who made my own choice to commit a murder? Or would you say, “Poor Baby Mallie Society failed her...”
By the way, Luka at some point was on psych meds, wasn’t he? How do you know that someone he loved (a family member, friend, lover) did not urge him to seek medical help? Why are you assuming that no one ever cared for him?
Luka was rejected on the net because he behaved in an unpleasant and unattractive manner. He reaped what he sowed. If I start posting on the web that I am the hottest being on the planet and it’s sooooo HARD to be so beautiful, I fully expect somebody (many people, actually) to tell me to PISS OFF.
Also, just for the record…remember when Luka had the interview with the journalist to deny his relationship with Karla? That journalist expressed concern for Luka’s health and offered him assistance, asked him if he could help him. Luka said no thanks; he was under a doctor’s care. That is a matter of public record. So much for NO ONE ever caring or offering to help. We know very little about his life, but in the small slice that we have access to, I have already proven your emotional assumptions false.
And he is not a lost little boy. He is a grown man with free will. He is capable of telling right from wrong. If he isn’t, he will be deemed not criminally responsible by reasons of insanity (and I will bet my bottom dollar that that will never happen. He is disordered, but not legally insane).
It seems you are really grasping at straws to keep this going. The intelligent insight you had (that was mixed with your disturbing “Luka love) seems to be dissipating. Now you are thanking reaction formation for its great gift? Really? That’s pretty absurd, but I guess I need more grist for mill.
You know as much about Luka as I do, you got your info from the same sources I did, and you have no idea if any of what you are asserting is true. It’s just what you believe to be true.
And if his family abandoned him…well, that’s what you get when you claim on the web that you had an incestuous relationship with your sister and had a child by her. If you had a brother who made those claims about you publicly, would you be eager to invite him over for dinner?
He’s like a cancer, this guy, a malignancy. I support helping those with mental illness, of course, but Luka had his chance to try to be well. Shit, he could have called a hotline or gone to a hospital for treatment. Why are you so eager to absolve him? Because he’s cute?
Why is society responsible for this tragedy more than Luka himself? Luka seemed to enjoy being nuts, he fucking cultivated his craziness. He fed it, nurtured it. He had choices.
I was also abused and alienated by my peers. I have choices and I choose to not murder people and animals.
It's wrong to say that Luka Rocco Magnotta is physically attractive, but maintaining a crush on him with the knowledge of what he's done is pathological. Just to refresh your memory, this is the guy who murdered a man, dismembered him, and had sex with his mutilated corpse before feeding parts of the victim to his dog. And he did it all on video.

How could such a sweet person be capable of such a crime? This is why – because he isn’t “sweet”
This is what he is :

Psychopathy from the Ancient Greek ψυχή “psyche”, -soul, mind, “pathos” -suffering, disease, condition is a personality disorder that has been variously described as characterized by shallow emotions (in particular reduced fear), stress tolerance, lacking empathy, coldheartedness, lacking guilt, egocentricity, superficial charm, manipulativeness, irresponsibility, nonplanfulness, impulsivity, and antisocial behaviors such as parasitic lifestyle and criminality.

John Wayne Gacy, B.T.K., I could list for hours about all the people that were “nice – sweet – charming. That’s what they do. Void of any actual emotion and act in a way they think is normal to act around anybody else.

Magnotta has not even spoken to ANYONE since arrested. We know nothing about his life apart from what the press have managed to dig up, which isn’t a great deal and who knows if that is even true. He may be someone’s son, brother etc but so was the victim who was murdered for no reason. Except to fulfill magnotta’s dream of becoming famous. (that last sentence is my opinion)
It’s been interesting to read the articles on your blog because I often wonder about people like yourself who develop a strange infatuation with murders. I wonder what is missing in your life to spend so much time thinking about poor luka. I guess it fills a void – similar to people who use drugs or alcohol or people with eating disorders, that give no thought to what their actions are doing or effecting other people. All that matters is getting their fix It seems to me like you have picked blogging / thinking / fantasizing about magnotta to do this.

Not that I am any shrink, just trying to figure out why someone would develop such an infatuation with someone they have never met – do not know and has more than likely murdered a human being. Feeling such empathy and love and attraction its not healthy or normal.

The Huffington Post contacted Quebec psychologist Pierre Faubert, who notes that this obsession with a murderer is probably due to some early psychological trauma. Fine. I'm more concerned with the disassociation from reality — the fact that so many of Magnotta's misguided fans don't seem to comprehend the fact that he's a real person, that his victim was a real person with a family and friends.
On your blog Luka Magnotta Obsession, you put it as follows.

It's like we're all a part of a reality TV show directed by none other than Luka himself. Only it's not reality. Half of this obsession takes place in our own heads, thinking about Luka, daydreaming of conversations we might have with him.
Filming a murder and broadcasting it online isn't reality TV any more than it's a horror movie. Magnotta's internet allies may be deeply troubled, but let's hope this isn't indicative of any larger cultural trend — the concept that horrible acts of violence, the murder of innocents, are somehow justifiable as entertainment.

And Lexa, are you enjoying your growing infamy? What’s it like to ride a dead man’s coattails into notoriety?


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