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Thursday, June 28, 2012

BillMeLater Not A Scam!

PayPal was the first service I ever used for online payment to make to merchants when I was shopping online. EBay had a great selection of items that I ended up purchasing simply because the same item compared to there be extremely marked up. All in all the bargains I've gotten were very good and beneficial to me. I ended up not paying so much compared to in store shopping. Nonetheless point is there are pretty good deals you can find online better than anywhere else unfortunately. If I know I'm going to need something I plan ahead of time and find out where I can get it for a satisfactory price.

A friend of mine was talking to me about online shopping. We're both online shoppers and she mentioned BillMeLater. As soon as arrived home I investigated this company and it seemed like a good way to help your credit and pay off big purchases over a span of 6 months. It was convenient for me it seemed like, so then I decided to apply. After a couple of days I received an email from them saying I was approved. I was pretty excited and ready to start buying.

My first purchases were back on the 16 of May, 2011. I bought a straightener, a blow-dryer, a pair of shoes and some clothes I purchased using BillMeLater. My total was $412.67. I believe my credit line at the time was $500 not sure but I can't remember. I did try to look it up but on their statements is only shows the purchases and how much they were and the interests and cash back you accrued.

Screenshot of Statement

So I was given a date to pay it all. And it was by the 1st of December of that year. And I did and guess what happened? Nothing. I didn't get charged any interests or late fees cause why? I paid everything on time. What I don't understand is the people who are online complaining on different consumer websites claiming they've been wronged or cheated on and have been billed interest after they allegedly said they paid their bill on time. If you paid your bill on time or before the date of the 6 months was over than you wouldn't have been billed the interest. But when I read through most of their complaints I didn't see any proof of them paying it on time or any email, no pictures no documents. There was nothing to prove that they have been done wrong.

Jennifer of Newbury Park, CA on June 20, 2012

Late Fees Accrued Illegally - As with many others, I was sent a bill with a late fee. I paid the first one promptly as I did pay late since the bill was received so very late via USPS. Somehow, I received another late fee because I was told I didn't pay enough. I then received another fee and another. These fees were place after I was billed, so I paid the bill received. Bill Me Later tacked on another fee in the meantime and since I didn't pay enough, another fee accrued. This has now gone on for 4 months. I can't seem to get ahead of their fees, which just accrue month to month.


If Jennifer had read the terms and conditions she would have known how high the interests were. Last time I checked it was 19%. It can tally up if you don't pay your bill on time. That’s why if you can't make your payments on time than don't get anything having to do with being put on credit. Usually the interest is very high and it can trap you into a never ending bill you couldn't pay for in the first place. It’s always tempting to buy a ton of stuff but only buy what you can pay for. Then she used USPS snail mail. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with using mail I love to use mail but I never use it to send my bills. Simply because it takes almost a week or two depending on how far the correspondence is supposed to go to goes. It is better to have an online account and use your bank account to make payments with. And do it ahead of time or have a scheduled auto pay that takes it out every month on a certain day.

No I'm not some person they paid to give them a positive review. I'm an actual customer. BillMeLater isn't a scam. The only person that is scamming you would be yourself. If you read the entire fine print and know what you're getting yourself into than great. It could be the best thing you could ever use or it can turn into your worst nightmare.


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